It’s my party and I’ll do what I want to

So yesterday I sprayed a table neon green.

At the weekend I covered two tables in marble vinyl.  I also sprayed a picture frame and an ornament in neon pink.  I have a pink flamingo in my hallway.

Tomorrow I might paint my lounge black.

What I’m saying, is that I am free to do whatever the hell I want and it is so LIBERATING.  In my 20s I was so up tight.  I worried about everything.  Does so and so like me?  Do I look fat in these velvet trousers (if I could tell my 20 something self one thing,  it would be that I definitely did not look fat.  In fact, I would have told myself to relish every single bloody moment of being 8 stone because after spawning two small people and moving to the North East where LOML introduced me to the Northern delight that is chicken parmesans, battle of the bulge has me hit big time).

My point is, the older I’ve got the more confident I have become in my choices.  I don’t care if no one else likes my green table.  I bloody love it and every day I come down my stairs it makes me smile and be grateful for spray paint.  Up cycling has become a huge trend in 2017.  There are whole blogs dedicated to it.  It doesn’t work every time and there will be times where you think it might have possibly looked better before but the great thing is you can just start again.




When it came to deciding what kitchen to have I knew straight away that I wanted a modern, contemporary look.  I am a clean freak.  Shiny surfaces and clean lines make me weak at the knees and dribble (just a bit).  I must have spent literally six thousand hours scouring the internet for pictures of kitchens, not to mention about seven thousand pounds on house magazines.


I loved the shiny finish and luxey pendant lights over the island of this one.  To be fair, in my little mind I designed the whole extension around fitting in the biggest island I could possibly manage.  I was like a crazy woman.  “I want it bigger, BIGGER I say!! ” I would insist to the slightly nervous kitchen designer as he feverishly clicked away.


I lusted after the copper mirrored tiles and white contrast on this one.  Again, all very shiny luxey.


Loved the contrast of the rustic brick and polished surfaces.  And the brass pendants, WOWSER.  I’ve had some amazing Tom Dixon pendant lights in my online basket quite a few times.  Just for the thrill of it, on those late nights when you can’t sleep and you’re dreaming about all the luxey accessories that you can’t really afford…  Nearly hit the BUY button a few times as well but then LOML snored and brought me back from my reverie.

In addition to the virtual world pursuit of the perfect kitchen, countless hours were also spent visiting kitchen showrooms (the children completely and utterly detested this part of the renovation, along with tile shopping which is a whole other post).  I had some lovely kitchens designed along the way, most with a rather lovely price tag.  Seems, kitchens cost a lot of money these days.

A few designers had very strong opinions on things.  I have very strong opinions too and had a lengthy discussion with one man who believed that handle less kitchens were, like, the worst thing ever.  In the end, with the under floor heating eating a considerable chunk of the budget (which, by the way, I still can’t get to work) we high-tailed it off to Wren Kitchens in York.

Here we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could indeed afford a kitchen and actually a pretty nice one to boot.  I’ve since discovered from family and friends that my choice of kitchen was considered quite unusual and a bit out there.  For me, I absolutely adore the contrast between the dark coppery tones and the white.  We ordered a boiling water tap in a matt black which has been an absolute joy.  To make a cup of tea literally on tap, whenever you want is brilliant.  And the induction hob was an amazing buy that has your veg boiling in a matter of seconds.




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