Colouring outside the lines

I am the first to admit that LOML is very accommodating when it comes to my decorating style.  He barely raises an eyebrow now when I hurry past his office doorway, can of neon pink spray paint hidden under my top (neon pink is life, end of).  He has embraced the darkness and even the price tag of Farrow and Ball.  But I do believe that my latest project could likely push him to the brink and over that sheepskin-rug-draped-step into the unknown.

P A I N T E D     C E I L I N G S   T O    M A T C H   T H E    W A L L S

Converting to the darkness is an easy path.  Dark walls simply are stunning.  Convincing LOML that we need to paint the extremely high and vast ceiling of our newly constructed lounge is another matter.  Especially when he only months ago spent fifteen hundred hours and gallons of white emulsion painting it.

I feel it simply must be done.  And here are my reasons why…


Just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this room from Abigail Ahern

It is a decadent space with its luscious dark walls, gold accents and opulent chandelier.  The ceiling colour matches the walls and provides a seamless blanket of colour to showcase the beautiful accessories that literally pop out at you.


The above image is of Abigail’s bathroom.  The colour, Wooster Olive, is from Abigail Ahern’s own paint range and is dramatic and enveloping, the perfect backdrop for the amazing white chandelier.

lust list

There is no ceiling in this picture.  The reason for this pic being here is purely selfish and self-indulgent, but hey if you can’t talk about things you love on your own blog then where can you?  Just look at this neon green parrot against those dark walls!  Honestly it makes my mouth wet but I digress…

White ceilings are safe.  The chances of you needing to repaint frequently are lessened and they are what we all know, what we feel comfortable with.  The rumour has it that they also make the space appear lighter and larger.  I on the other hand believe that matching your ceiling colour to your walls removes the boundaries and blurs the lines between where the walls end and the ceiling begins.

We have a large swathe of glass doors in our lounge area that bring the outside in amazingly well.  It’s a large and airy space, freshly constructed and painted in bright white but it feels lacking in character.  My plan is to paint the walls and ceiling in the same shade and draw your eye to the view, whilst also making it feel warmer and a more sensuous space.


The above picture shows the lounge as it is now.  The floor is polished porcelain tiles and its so reflective it actually looks wet when the spotlights are on.  There are two steps down into the lounge which gives you the feeling of it being a separate space but also still open plan with the kitchen.

Due to the sheer size and magnitude of the opening between the original house and the extension there are some formidable steel beams holding up the original house.  This has resulted in some interesting angles, especially around the roof windows.  The windows are LUXLITE from Roofmaker and blew the budget somewhat but putting in standard Velux just didn’t feel right for the space.


My mood board for this room includes a completely lush sideboard that I have spotted from Maisons du Monde.


Furniture wise we will be keeping our bargain sofas, coffee table and side tables.  I am on the look out for an accent chair of some sort.  I’m taken with the cowhide butterfly chairs, shown here from Ella James which would contrast nicely with the luxeness of the sideboard.


But my eye was also caught by this beauty of a statement armchair.  To be honest this is more than just a chair.  It’s so sexy I feel like I’m looking at something I shouldn’t be.  It actually makes me blush.  It’s from Rockett St George and is called the Cloud Velvet Chair, which quite frankly describes in perfectly.  If I had one of these in my lounge I would literally be living on cloud nine.


And on that note, I’ll bid you goodnight.  As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do writing it.

G x


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