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Wow so what happened to November?  Was it the month that simply didn’t exist?  With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d have a little recap of what happened in November, seeing as I blinked and I missed it!

November saw the weather get colder and darker in North Yorkshire.  It is with a little bit of nostalgia that I tell you I have missed my open fire that graced the living room before we ripped the guts out of the cottage earlier this year.  It was enormous and it did dominate the room, but snuggling up in front of it with a thick furry throw over my legs to combat the 60 mph draught coming through the outside door, it felt cosy and festive.


Before the renovation started, this was our last Christmas with an open fire

2018 will see us investing in a log burner but in the meantime I will be incorporating other styling ideas to help the cottage feel comfortable but with a luxe edge.  I find that intelligent lighting can really help to make the space have a more inviting ambience.  Tea lights and candles make the seating area around the coffee table feel much more intimate and arranging fairy lights over a sideboard helps to create a focal point in a space otherwise devoid of original features.


Twinkly fairy lights draped on a vintage gold drinks trolley


Candles and tea lights create ambience


A hallway can offer a warmer welcome with just a few carefully placed twinkles

It has become increasingly difficult to take satisfying photos of the cottage and so I have been embracing the darkness with the twinkly fairy lights and moody styling I’ve discussed above.  Fanny the flamingo has been ever present and I’ve heard she is pushing for her own Instagram account.


And on the topic of Instagram, from the jeery, beer-swilled depths of our local pub, one night Mr Luxe and his football hooligan chums (you know who you are Scotty haha) @mrluxeinthecottage was born.  Apparently this is a no-holds-barred ‘male’ take on my interior obsessing but frankly I think it’s just a space for Mr Luxe to express his passion for all things flamingo and pictures of men with large drills.

November has been a busy month in terms of DIY at Luxe in the Cottage.  My compulsive thrift purchasing reached new heights with not one but TWO large-scale pieces to be upcycled.  Mr Luxe threatened to confiscate my iPhone and all other electronic devises to prevent further web surfing for ‘bargains’  but thankfully he got on board, even when the pale pink furniture paint emerged for the bench.


Maisie the Frenchie –finish chalk paint Rust-oleum Pink Champange satin

I read somewhere recently that 2018 will see the demise of pale pink and the return of peach.  Now I have no beef what so ever with peach, but so far as Luxe in the Cottage is concerned touches of pink in all its shades and glory will grace our walls and soft furnishings.  One of my happiest pink purchases from 2017 will be the glass pendant lights over the kitchen island in various shades of pink and dusky grey from Made.com.


The great thing about these pendants is that if I get bored with them I can change the shades

The sideboard I bought for £25 is now complete.  It took long hours of sanding and painting to get to the finished article, along with much swearing when I stood in the black paint and proceeded to walk it around the porcelain tiled living room floor.  The sideboard itself has been moved around the house so many times that I think it may be suffering from jet lag but its final resting place is now the dining area.


Sideboard painted in Liquorice Gloss Finish furniture paint Rust-oleum

Brass Skyscraper Knurled handles from Dowsing & Reynolds

This month has also found me finalising my plans for the living area overhaul.  We will be hosting a festive party in celebration of Mr Luxe’s birthday at the end of December and we stupidly have set that as a goal for completion of the makeover.  We more than likely will be painting on Christmas day at this rate but what is life without unrealistic goal posts to stress over?  At least my cutting in may be improved after a few mince pies and glass or two of Prosecco.

G x

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